Skin Treatments

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Your skin is a tell-tale sign of health and vitality. Make sure your skin's appearance is a glowing one! Let our estheticians consult with you to achieve optimum health for your skin.

"You Deserve It" (15 minutes)

Eye Contouring
Combat signs of aging, sleep deprivation and environmental damage. Reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles with a combination of seaweed peptides and enzyme stimulating Chrysin. Enjoy! ($25.00)

Deep Clean
Mineral rich sea mud deeply cleanses pores without drying the skin to alleviate breakouts. Clean! ($25.00)

Thirst Quencher
Rehydrate thirsty skin helping it look its best. A combination of Olive Oil and Olive Leaf extracts provide antioxidants while calming and soothing sensitivity and dryness. Ahh! ($25.00)

"While You Wait" (30 minutes)

Seaweed Facial
This one’s a must! Enjoy a seaweed skin treatment to feel clean, refreshed, healthy and vibrant. Looking Good! ($50.00)

Hydra Dew Express Lift
An Instant Lift! This quick lift will produce maximum results in minimal time. This alternative to Botox will leave you looking younger and brighter. Wow! ($50.00)

Back Facial
Get your back...…Back! Exfoliate and repair your skin's congestion affected by athletics and environmental stress. Feel Good! ($50.00)

"The Best of the Best" (60 minutes)

Four Layer Facial
The premier anti-aging treatment. Layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed, rejuvenates, tones and helps firm your skin dramatically. Enjoy a cool pure energy seaweed mask, followed by a mineral rich thermal mask that allows total relaxation and immediate results.You skin is cleaner, healthier and younger. Recommended for all skin types. Glow! ($100.00)

Hydra Medic Acne Facial Treatment
Deep Pore cleansing to purify and control existing breakouts while preventing future ones. Reduce oils from overactive sebaceous glands, while maintaining skins moisture levels. Refine skin and clean deep down while soothing and healing lesions. Proven results! ($100.00)

Vita Cura Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
Provide an instant trigger to younger looking skin. Vita Cura is designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin. An enzymatic micro peel helps uncover a vibrant complexion. Long term benefits preserve elasticity and improve oxygenation to promote cell renewal. Lift and Tone! ($125.00)

Biolight Miracle Facial
This miracle facial is based on brightening and toning pigmentation in skin. Hexapeptide is combined with natural extracts from Daisies and Licorice designed to interrupt melanogenesis which causes hyper-pigmentation. Powerful anti-oxidants along with seaweed plants and botanicals, work synergistically to create a radiant glow. This special facial is designed to create outstanding results without damaging the structure of the skin. Recommended for all skin types. Unbelievable! ($125.00)

Peppermint Sea Twist-Body Wrap
Slim, Tone and Contouring Body Wrap. Something special to kick off a great detox. America's award winning treatment that combines fresh seaweed and triple mints improves circulation while toning an sliming. Purify, rejuvenate and stimulate your body. Peppermint Sea Twist is great for sore muscles, relieving water retention and detoxing. Tell a friend! ($80.00)

DermaRadiance Pure Flower Peel
A gentle, botanical, wholesome approach to smooth, youthful looking skin. This breakthrough in microdermabrasion technology utilizes a natural, gentle way to exfoliate and smooth skin with pulverized natural dry flower grains instead of rough crystals. Treatment boosts collagen, tightens skin and smooths fine lines. Introductory Packages Available: 6 services for $179.

Skin Enhancements

These services may be added to your spa experience ...

Ear Candling
This ancient technique relieves pressure in the sinus area, alleviates wax build up in the ear canal and detoxes while relaxing! A cone shaped muslin cloth coated in bees wax is used while warm smoke is swirled into the ear and a facial massage is implemented. Great for swimmers ear too! ($40.00)

Glycolic Peel
Remove the layers of tired skin to reveal your REAL glow. Resurface lines and environmental stress that is seen on the skin, while promoting collagen production. ($60.00)

Enzyme Thermal Peel
This light glycolic sea peel focuses on resurfacing the skin with less irritation than a standard peel, warming the skin to reveal a brighter more youthful complexion. ($30.00)

Remove congestion in the skin caused by over-active sebaceous glands and or environmental stress. ($30.00)